Food EventsPosted on 15.12.2014

Essentials For A Merry Menulog Christmas

On the first day of Christmas…you’ll wish your true love had given you this list in advance.

Festive Fashion

Adult onesies are approved for literally one time of the year: Christmas. Check out these ASOS numbers, start planning how you’re gonna stage that family pic, and watch as your Insta cred shoots through the roof.

And obviously, don’t forget a Chrissie costume for your pet!

Christmas Playlist 

How do you know you’ve done December 25th right? When ears start bleeding on Boxing Day from Christmas song overload syndrome.

Spotify’s got you covered with this little gem.

Christmas Apps

Nothing beats a chocolate advent calendar, but Advent 2018 sends you a Christmas app every day, and that’s a close second.

No More Socks is a gift-planning app for all you unorganised Menuloggers out there. You’ll never forget to buy your little bro’s Chrissie gift again, and that’s a win in our book.

DIY Decorations

Have a heap of old menus lying around from those dark days before Menulog? Use them to create origami Christmas bows and decorate your house.

via How About Orange

Christmas Movies

The best way to get into the holiday spirit? Get on board with the classics. Check Netflix or Stan (or whichever streaming service you’re subscribed to) for their Christmas collections, order in your favourite meal and you’ll be feeling festive in no time!

Stocking Fillers

Sure, Menulog Gift Vouchers are great stocking fillers, but it’s also handy to keep a couple on hand for when you realise (on Christmas morning) that you forgot someone, and that someone has not forgotten you…

Wrapping Paper

For a the ultimate under-the-tree Instagram pic, outsource the hard yards to these talented Etsy designers.

Christmas Crackers

The Christmas Lunch Pièce de Résistance is the humble Christmas Cracker also best left to the experts at Etsy. Paper hats mandatory.

So guys, wishing you a very merry Menulog Christmas and a happy new year!