Food FactsPosted on 08.05.2018

Australia’s Ultimate Pizza Toppings, Ranked

In 2017 alone, Aussies ordered 3.8 million pizzas on Menulog. 3.8 million! That’s a lot of dough, and a lot of deliveries. In fact, it’s the equivalent to one pizza for every person in Uruguay, and then some.

Universally loved, and arguably the most popular dish in the world, pizza has evolved from its traditional Italian roots to become a dish that’s often influenced by local cuisines and cultures.

And the international iterations, are well, interesting…Japan has the squid ink pizza, Sweden has pizza fruit (tomato sauce, cheese, canned fruit cocktail and chocolate) and Russia has the mockba pizza (sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon onions, herbs, and sometimes, roe). And down under? Well, we’ve got the Aussie, which features tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, and naturally, egg.

Looking at Menulog’s most ordered pizzas of 2017, it’s the tried and true classics that Australians love most, with the margherita taking the crown as Australia’s most popular pie. Created in 1899 and widely considered to be the original pizza, it’s not super shocking that this humble pizza continues to dominate as Australia’s go-to pizza choice.

And somewhat controversially, the equally loved and loathed Hawaiian slides in at second place. Or, perhaps pineapple on pizza isn’t that contentious an issue, given its ranking as the second most ordered topping? Who knows, but clearly Aussies don’t mind the tangy fruit sprinkled on their pizza that much…

The there’s the always dependable, perfectly charred, Pepperoni coming in at a respectable third place. The rest of the list features your garden variety traditional toppings, with BBQ chicken and BBQ meat trailing at a distant 9th and 10th place respectively.

Check out the full list of Australia’s most frequently ordered toppings below, and take a peak at some of the worlds weirdest pizza toppings here.