Food HacksPosted on 04.06.2014

How To: Tip Your Delivery Driver

Attitudes to tipping vary throughout Australia and New Zealand. In the USA, where minimum wage is low, waiters and delivery staff rely on tips to make their living. As Aussie hospitality workers don’t face the same predicament, the choice of when (and how much) to tip is at the customer’s discretion.

Which leaves a bunch of question marks — should you tip your delivery driver? If so, when and how much? We’ve put together some tips of our own to help you navigate the tipping minefield.

How much?

There are no hard and fast rules, but the standard tip in Australia is about 10%. You might want to tip more if the delivery driver’s done a particularly good job, been exceptionally friendly, or carried a whole pile of pizza. Regardless, it’s common to tell drivers not to worry about small amounts of change.


Although it’s slowly becoming commonplace in restaurants, tipping in Australia is never mandatory. Think of tipping as a reward for good or excellent service and use your own judgement. If you placed a particularly large order, it’s always nice to give the delivery driver something on the side. But you don’t have to tip just because you did last time – it might have been a completely different experience.

Tip in cash

The majority of restaurants pool credit card tips between their staff at the end of the night, but there will always be some that don’t. To ensure the money lands in the right hands, it’s always a good idea to tip in cash if you can.

Tip for service

Remember that you’re tipping the delivery driver, not the restaurant or the chef. If the food isn’t up to scratch, that’s probably not the driver’s fault – although if it’s cold or late it might be.

Tip with words

Even if you don’t think a monetary tip is warranted, be polite to your delivery driver. It’s a hard job, and let’s face it, they’re doing god’s work. If there’s an issue, often it won’t be their fault, and sometimes a friendly customer can be all it takes to improve someone’s day.

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