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Australia has so much seafood and so many different methods of preparation, you'd be hard-pressed to try them all. Fish and chips is an Australian takeaway favourite. Local sea- and freshwater varieties frequently grace Australian plates, and farmed varieties famed for their flavor are produced here as well. Imports come from South Africa or Southeast Asia or from the global market. Look to Australian waters for lesser known and sustainable options for surprise tastes. Australian salmon are a delicious option when well-handled. They develop off-flavours quickly, so look for the freshest available. Because of their reputation, they can often be found for lower prices. Similarly, the Australian rarities Morton Bay bugs and Balmain bugs can be consumed in mass quantities. Sushi is an extremely effective delivery method for Australian seafood. Australian-farmed sea trout and Atlantic salmon make excellent sashimi. Plus Japanese flavours encounter other adopted Australian techniques: a gunkanmaki may include mahi mahi slices dressed with yuzu soy, coriander, and jalapeño slices, or Australian spanner spanner crab could be seen with toro and asparagus served as a lime juice ceviche. Spanish restaurants also prepare seafood in a number of ways: tortillitas de camarones are prawns battered and fried; bacalao is cod sliced very thinly and salted over bread and tomatoes; chopitos are battered and fried baby squid; and gambas are sauteed prawns sauteed in a black peppercorn sauce with garlic, or piri piri sauce.

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