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There are few pleasures in life as wonderful as the enjoyment of a much anticipated snack. Whereas once snacks were categorised as guilty treats, they have more recently been embraced as part of a balanced and healthy diet. Frequent snacking can boost the metabolism, normalise blood sugar and aid in weight control – not to mention give you something to look forward to in the middle of a long afternoon at work. Healthy snacks can include fruits, nuts, smoothies, yoghurt and other light, filling and nutrient-dense foods. In any diet, however, there is always room for a bit of indulgence. It’d be hard to imagine a day at school or the office without the time-honoured Aussie traditions of morning and afternoon tea. These are times to celebrate and indulge with Australian favourites like Tim Tams, Iced VoVos, Mint Slices and lamingtons. For a more upscale snack, consider the dainty finger sandwich or the hearty scone (with jam and cream, naturally) – or, for something a little more substantial, a sausage roll or meat pie. Best washed down with tea or coffee, snacks are the perfect way to add a little excitement to your day – and, most exciting of all, they can now be delivered to your door. Order a takeaway snack and bring some brightness to your day.

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