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Taiwan shares a rich culinary history with the southern provinces of mainland China, and many dishes mirror those found in the cuisines of Jiangxi, Guangdong, Chaoshan, Shanghai, Hunan, Beijing, and Sichuan. Some Japanese influence persists from the fifty years that Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Taiwanese cuisine incorporates pork, chicken, seafood, rice, and soy. Beef can be conspicuously absent; some Taiwanese establishments don't serve it out of respect for Taiwanese Buddhists or a historic unfamiliarity with an animal that requires massive land area to rear. Flavour comes from rice wine, fermented beans, pickled vegetables, peanuts, chilli, coriander, and basil. A sub-tropical climate and abundant trade puts papayas, starfruit, and citrus into practice. Classic dishes frequently top rice. Chiayi is a bowl of rice with a shredded turkey and gravy topping; pickled daikon sits off to the site to offer a stark contrast to the soya-infused covering. Taiwanese food is matching the activity found in the cuisine of mainland China. Chefs in Shanghai are constantly innovating, and Australian Taiwanese restaurants are keeping up by updating their xiaochi (the Taiwanese take on tapas). These tiny plates are including previously foreign tastes: pineapple mayonnaise meet prawns, vegetables flash-cooked in Sauvignon blanc, and slow-cooked pork ribs meat a marmalade of honey and grapefruit. That's not to say nobody is searching for classic Taiwanese treasures. Taiwanese oyster omelettes are held in high esteem. Steamed buns, tofu, and spring rolls round out the classic fare. Taiwanese restaurants offer food that has been time-tested for a thousand years but won't blink an eye at incorporating something new. Those that dab into Chinese and Japanese cuisine will find familiar tastes here, but the historic adjustment and modern pursuit of new flavour combinations present as demonstration of edible magic that's decidedly Taiwanese.

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